Monday, 23 November 2009

Some of my favourite shows/plays I've been in.

I've performed in and written a fair few shows over the years and wanted to have a light-hearted look at my faves. In no particular order they are:
A Doll's House: Nils Krogstad. Having seen this role played at Derby Playhouse I was delighted to be cast as the protagonist later in life.
Comedians: Gethin Price. There comes a time in an actor's life when one is in one's prime and ready to play a particular part. That happened with my first role with the Lace Market Theatre after graduating from my drama degree. It was great to play a bastard.

Play it again Sam. Great fun playing Alan Felix (the Woody Allen role) and a super cast and director.

An Inspector Calls. National Theatre tour. Just an extra in this one but a great show to learn from and revel in some sterling acting and production standards.

The Dresser: Averham Theatre. Playing Norman was a big challenge as masses to learn, very emotive script from Ronald Harwood and learning the part taught me a great deal about pacing oneself and variety of interpretation.

Cabaret: Just love the music and story so any tiny role in this is good to do. The first time was with Derby Theatre in The Round and I was into reading the Berlin novels of Christopher Isherwood at the time too.

The Crucible: Judge Danforth. Playing this role made me realise that you should never mis-judge the amount of work you need to put into learning the story and lines. I under-estimated the work and had to really concentrate on memorising the lines right up to the last minute. Scary stuff. Good role to play though.

Abigail's Party: Played Laurence Moss. Almost the same cast as Play it Again Sam. Just great fun to learn and perform and make folk laugh. Nice director too.

Anna Karenina: Levin. Good ensemble discipline and tense drama.

A Midsummer Night's Dream: Puck, first Shakespeare I ever did and it gave me a whole new interest in the English language. Never did Shakespeare at school.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Resting at last

I've had a pretty busy last six months. The rehearsal period for a play is normally three months from audition to performance and my biggest commitment since writing an adaptation of A Christmas Carol last year and seeing it successfully performed to full houses on stage last December was playing Laurence Moss in Abigail's Party in September this year. This was for the Lace Market Theatre in Nottingham. I was happy to be working once again with a group of friends with whom I had worked in the past on various shows. It was great fun and all the hard work paid off.
Following that production I was straight into the next working as a German language tutor to the young woman lead in Kindertransport and also I was commissioned to take the promotional photos for the same studio production at the LMT.

I was expecting to rest up and spend some time finding work but last minute I was roped in to performing in the new production of Festen on the main stage. This time I had only one week to learn a small but important role of Kim the chef. I spent every day going through the lines and moves and by three rehearsals later I was ready for the first night. Phew.

In the last few days I have been watching Andrew Davies' BBC adaptation of Charles Dickens' Little Dorritt for the first time on dvd and my love of acting gave me the impetus to create this blog to record my thoughts about my passion for the theatre and cinema.

First post of my second blog

I already have another blog at which features my passions for food and drink and currently has over fifteen thousand hits since January this year. I have occasionally referred to my life in the theatre and have decided to start this seperate blog to let people know more of my creative life. I welcome any constuctive comments. Phil Lowe.
LMT refers to Nottingham's Lace Market Theatre.
Theatre/film and tv listings to date.

November 2009. Kim. Festen. LMT

October 2009. German language tutor. Kindertransport. LMT

September 2009. Laurence Moss. Abigail’s Party. LMT.

December 2008. A Christmas Carol. Phil Lowe Writer/adaptation for stage. LMT.

June 2008. Both Sides Now. Phil Lowe Writer/director. Short theatre pieces festival. LMT.

May 2008 The School for Scandal. Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Mr Snake. LMT.

February 2008. Richard the Third. Shakespeare. Derby. Bishop. Cardinal. Soldier. LMT.

September 2007. Charley’s Aunt. Brandon Thomas. Brassett. LMT

January 2007. Frozen. Bryony Lavery. Ralph. LMT

April 2006. Anna Karenina. Tolstoy adaptation by Helen Edmundson. Levin. LMT.

November 2005. The Diary of Anne Frank. Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. Mr Kraler. Nottingham Arts.

June 2005. An Inspector Calls. J. B. Priestly. Ensemble. National Theatre tour. Theatre Royal Nottingham.

April 2005. The Crucible. Arthur Miller. Governor Danforth. Nottingham Arts.

September 2004. Play it Again Sam. Woody Allen. Alan Felix. LMT.

April 2004. A View From The Bridge. Arthur Miller. Immigration Officer. Jacobus Theatre Karlsruhe.

March 2004. A View From The Bridge. Arthur Miller. Immigration Officer. LMT.

October 2003. A Bright and Bold Design. Peter Whelan. Ulik. LMT.

December 2002. A Christmas Carol. Dickens. Devisor of one-man show/performer. LMT.

March 2001. A Doll’s House. Henrick Ibsen. Nils Krogstad. LMT.

December 2000. A Christmas Carol. Dickens. Devisor of one-man show/performer. Gotham, St Lawrence’s Church.

December 1999. A Christmas Carol. Dickens. Devisor of one-man show/performer. Gotham, St Lawrence’s Church.

Between 1991 and 2001 I also worked as a Equity professional supporting artist in Crossroads (ITV) Peak Practice (ITV) Boon (BBC), Signs and Wonders (BBC) Barbara (ITV) Doctors (BBC) video work for the OU, training film with East Midlands Arts (main lead male), US funded John Lennon film as doctor.

Performance Arts student writing and performing projects included (*). Also between 1989 and 1991 I would have been involved in a variety of performance pieces live and film as part of my degree. The (*) marked items are the main ones and usually involved considerable creative input.

September 1999. Dead Funny. Terry Johnson. Nick. LMT.

October 1993. Poppy. Peter Nichols. Emperor of China. LMT.

January 1993. A Chip in the Sugar. Alan Bennett. Director. LMT.

November 1992. Comedians. Trevor Griffiths. Gethin Price. LMT.

November 1990. The Dresser. Ronald Harwood. Norman. Averham Theatre. Notts.

June 1990. Les Misérables. Christina Reid. Ensemble. Nottingham Playhouse.

* 1991. Film project with Inter-media, Nottingham. Paid, post – graduate work. Actor.
* 1991 Co-creator and MC in The Life of Nellie Wallace. Nottingham Powerhouse theatre and LMT (hire).

* 1991 Writer/creator/director in ‘Apollinaire’. Nottingham Powerhouse theatre.

* 1991 Writer/performer with Emma Ghafur in EXPO festival of theatre and arts. Nottingham venues. (various)
* 1990-1 Performance Poet: Nottingham venues. (various)

* 1990 Writer/ co-creator/performer. “Home” performance piece about the plight of the homeless. Various Nottingham venues.

* 1990 Writer/ co-creator/performer. “Friend or Foe” performance piece about flat-sharing experiences. Powerhouse. Clifton Campus

* 1989 Writer/ performer in ‘Taming a Cloud of Butterflies’ Nottingham Powerhouse theatre.

* 1989. Beowulf. Devised by ensemble and Joe Robinson from classic Penguin text. Beowulf. College Street Arts. Nottingham Arts Festival.

Prior to moving to Nottingham from Derby I gained theatre experience by working with Derby Theatre In The Round, The Derby Shakespeare Company and the Littleover Players. I was also occasionally involved with a couple of amateur Opera companies in and around Derby although I certainly wouldn’t claim to be a singer! To my knowledge I don’t have specific months for performance dates. The DTITR performances were mainly in the small ‘black box’ studio venue at Derby Playhouse.

Derby Theatre In The Round 1980 – 1988

The Crucible. Arthur Miller. Ezekiel Cheever. Derby Playhouse Studio.

Breezeblock Park. Willy Russell. Nick. Derby Playhouse Studio.
Doctor Faustus. Philip Marlowe. Wagner. Derby Playhouse Studio.

Fools. Neil Simon. Snetsky. Derby Playhouse Studio

Saturday Sunday Monday. Eduardo de Filippo. Atillio. Derby Playhouse Studio

The Body. Nick Darke. American soldier. Derby Playhouse Studio

One Flew over a Cuckoo’s Nest. Dale Wasserman. Aide Turkle Derby Playhouse Studio

Andorra. Max Frisch. The Journeyman. Derby Playhouse Studio

The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew. Robert Bolt. Obidiah Bobbleknob. Derby Playhouse Studio

In Camera. Jean-Paul Satre. Valet Derby Playhouse Studio

The Bald Prima Donna. Eugene Inonesco. Mr Martin Derby Playhouse Studio

Cabaret. Kander & Ebb. Ensemble. The Guildhall. Derby.

She Stoops to Conquer. Oliver Goldsmith. Roger Derby Playhouse Studio

The Lark. Jean Anouih. Ensemble. Derby Playhouse Studio

Of Cabbages and Kings. Co-writer and ensemble. Derby Playhouse Studio

The Philanthropist. Christopher Hampton. John. Derby Playhouse Studio

Beckett. Jean Anouilh. Ensemble. Derby Playhouse Studio

The Dresser. Ronald Harwood. Shakespearian actor. Derby Playhouse Studio

The Rose and The Ring. William Makepeace Thackery. Co-writer/performer. Derby Playhouse Studio

84 Charing Cross Road. James Roose Evans. Bill. Derby Playhouse Studio

When the Wind Blows. Raymond Briggs. Director. Catholic Club Derby.

Also played parts in annual Music Hall that we performed for the Catholic Club (rehearsal venue).

Derby Shakespeare Company. 1979 - 1988

A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Shakespeare. Puck. Guildhall Derby.

Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare. Ensemble. Guildhall Derby.

A Winter’s Tale. Shakespeare. Clown. Guildhall Derby.

Central Operatic Company.

Salad Days Julian Slade. Troppo. Guildhall Derby.

Derby Opera Company

Cabaret. Kander and Ebb. Chorus/Ensemble. Derby Playhouse Main Stage.

Derby Colleges Musical Society.

Orpheus and the Underworld. Offenbach. Chorus. Derby College.

The Littleover Players. 1977 – 1980

In Sickness and In Health. Co-writer and performer. Revue. Littleover School.

Dry Rot. John Chapman. Flash Harry. Littleover School.

Full Treatment. Michael Brett. Wallcott-Brown. BBC reporter. Littleover School.

Sleeping Beauty. Linda Nelson. Fairy Goodanov. Littleover School.

The Emperor’s New Clothes. Linda Nelson.  Comedy dancer. Littleover School.