Monday, 23 November 2009

Some of my favourite shows/plays I've been in.

I've performed in and written a fair few shows over the years and wanted to have a light-hearted look at my faves. In no particular order they are:
A Doll's House: Nils Krogstad. Having seen this role played at Derby Playhouse I was delighted to be cast as the protagonist later in life.
Comedians: Gethin Price. There comes a time in an actor's life when one is in one's prime and ready to play a particular part. That happened with my first role with the Lace Market Theatre after graduating from my drama degree. It was great to play a bastard.

Play it again Sam. Great fun playing Alan Felix (the Woody Allen role) and a super cast and director.

An Inspector Calls. National Theatre tour. Just an extra in this one but a great show to learn from and revel in some sterling acting and production standards.

The Dresser: Averham Theatre. Playing Norman was a big challenge as masses to learn, very emotive script from Ronald Harwood and learning the part taught me a great deal about pacing oneself and variety of interpretation.

Cabaret: Just love the music and story so any tiny role in this is good to do. The first time was with Derby Theatre in The Round and I was into reading the Berlin novels of Christopher Isherwood at the time too.

The Crucible: Judge Danforth. Playing this role made me realise that you should never mis-judge the amount of work you need to put into learning the story and lines. I under-estimated the work and had to really concentrate on memorising the lines right up to the last minute. Scary stuff. Good role to play though.

Abigail's Party: Played Laurence Moss. Almost the same cast as Play it Again Sam. Just great fun to learn and perform and make folk laugh. Nice director too.

Anna Karenina: Levin. Good ensemble discipline and tense drama.

A Midsummer Night's Dream: Puck, first Shakespeare I ever did and it gave me a whole new interest in the English language. Never did Shakespeare at school.


French Fancy said...

Can you sing - did you sing for Cabaret? Do you like Sondheim musicals? I think he is such a genius (Mr FF isn't so keen)

Phil said...

I wish I could sing, and dance. Alas not so good. I do love Sondheim. The Lace Market Theatre are doing Sweeney Todd next year. I also like Company and Pacific Overtures amongst others. For a straight guy I do love the musicals - first one ever liked was JCS. I can feel a blog post coming on here!