Thursday, 15 July 2010

present news

I took a job in June which meant that I have been out of action blogwise for a month and I put a hold on any acting work and for a while curtailed any writing. By my own choice I am no longer in that position so life is slowly returning to normality for me. I'm back to looking for work but I have two things on the horizon so looking positive.

I have had some writing accepted and published regularly each Saturday in the Derby Evening Telegraph so that's been another achievement for my writing portfolio. I am going to try and get some more paid work with my writing and am not sure what I am doing regarding any acting auditions presently.

The other day I found a book called Screw Work. Let's Play. I am three quarters through it and finding it most inspiring.


Gail's Man said...

Sorry you finished at the cafe. Was it due to your health problems?

Now you're a free man again, perhaps we could do lunch sometime.

Phil said...

Yes it was due to my hands and the work load and the fact that I didn't ever see myself getting the chance to learn more about the prep or cookery. They were too busy and short staffed.

I am not as free as you might imagine my friend as I do need a job and am starting a course with Tesco next week and intend to get a job in food with them in their new store in Beeston. It opens in November but the training will start earlier than that. I can be free Thursday and Friday so far.

email me at

Karen said...

Sorry to hear the job didn't work out as you had hoped. But the news of the Tesco course is great & hopefully will lead onto better things. Good luck.

Phil said...

Karen: Thanks very much for the good wishes. I have a really good feeling about Tesco. I want to work in the deli/butchery/fish side of things.