Monday, 20 February 2012

A Chip In The Sugar

The Lace Market Theatre are taking three plays to Karlsruhe as part of a twinning arrangement in May. They are Hedda Gabler, The Typists and A Chip In The Sugar. The Alan Bennett piece (Chip) is a late entry offered by and performed by myself and I have about ten weeks rehearsal to learn sixteen pages of monologue.

I started three days ago and have the first two pages secure. The script is very well written and mostly chronological in the story telling and relatively (ahem) easy to learn. Saying that there are several characters to deal with as well as the main character, Grahame. For an actor this is a gift.


My own poster design above shows Grahame nervously looking outside the house as he feels 'someone' is watching the house.

Later in the rehearsal process I'm going to have to rehearse this with a director/overseeer to cement the work and get used to pausing and picking up dialogue where the laughs are and there are many laughs in this piece.

I am already muttering the lines to myself at any given moment, on the bus, in the street, under my breath at work. Fun times.


Gailsman said...

I got the video of Talking Heads a few weeks ago. And 'chip' is one of the better monologues. The Lady of Letters is probably the saddest, but Pat Routledge did a sterling job of the busybody who ends up in prison

Phil said...

Funny you should mention the video. I wasn't aware there was one available until yesterday when I spent some time browsing on I ordered a copy for under a tenner inc delivery.

Gailsman said...

Mine was 20p from a charity shop!

Phil said...

must visit charity shops more!