Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sarah Milican has a big new fan - me!

I'd heard of Sarah Millican the award winning comedian and perhaps caught glimpses of her in the press but had never seen her live or even on DVD or telly until a friend recommended that I take a peak at her latest DVD Sarah Millican Live– Thoroughly Modern Millican. Ohhh! I have never laughed so much flower!!! The Telegraph describe her as “Supremely talented” and The Observer says she is “A Distinctive Blend of Northern Charm and Utter Filth”

I love stand up and this fantastic lady totally did it for me. There is obviously a lot of hard graft over the years and astute writing skill gone into her keenly funny and off key observations and she appears now to be at that seemingly effortless stage and gloriously rude. There is certainly a lot of effort that goes into this level of effortless. I enjoyed her knowing giggle and the way she commanded the stage and had the audience lapping up every ribald word and gesture.

For those who are interested in how she caught the stand up bug there is a great one page interview in the Radio Times 16th-22nd February edition. On the DVD there are some great extras including:

  • Sarah's Rider

  • About me

  • About my comedy

  • Stairlift us up to where we belong (BBC Radio 4 monologue recorded live at the Edinburgh Festival)

  • Sarah Millican's Support Group (First episode of Sarah's BBC Radio 4 programme).

  • There is also a sheet inside the DVD case listing all her tour dates in 2013.

In the 'About my comedy' DVD extra she says that one of the key elements of getting on in the comedy world is to be nice to people along the way and always carry a notebook for the 'gold' as a comedy writer. She also says that she records all the shows she does and analyses them to improve her act. She said it is the only was to do it as you never remember all of the things that go well when you are 'in the moment'. The DVD and Sarah Millicant Chatterbox is available through this link below to Amazon. I believe that I have become a very big fan!! Or as Sarah might say “ A fucking big fan pet!”



Christopher Frost said...

I've seen her a few times on TV, on chat shows and the like, but have absolutely no idea of where she's sprung from. It's as though sometimes people seem to pop up out of nowhere.

Yes, she is amusing and more my idea of what a stand up comedian should be like. I can't stand Lee Evans. All that twitching etc.

Karen said...

She's wonderful, all Miss Innocent until she throws in some 'naughty' words, & her observations on life are spot on.