Monday, 21 October 2013

A Christmas Carol script by Phil Lowe now available as an ebook for £3.99

On the back of my most popular blogpost by far on the actor/writer site I have now published a script of A Christmas Carol through Blurb. The ebook downloadable version is £3.99. See link above.

There have been over 1660 hits on this blogpost about the Christmas Carol production.

On the whole I found Blurb a good site to work with in self publishing although their are a few annoying spacing errors and one typo in the body of my script. However it is good to have the theatre piece published for sharing. The details are in the back of the book for contacting  re royalties and performance rights. I am contactable at

Phil Lowe

                            Roger Newman as Scrooge in the Lace Market Theatre production.

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