Saturday, 7 December 2013

A fantastic version of 'A Christmas Carol' at Lakeside, Nottingham. A review.

You know how it is when the beautifully packed presents are under the splendidly lit Christmas tree and you can't wait for the buzz and excitement of sharing the fun and joy of the gifts with others? Do you recall as a child how you thrilled to that childlike feeling that makes you want to jump around with joy and happiness at this magical event? Well, as Dickens once wrote "... for it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas." Perhaps you think that feeling is all lost and only brought back for an hour by watching Dr Who on the telly. Think again.

Well, never fear because at the Lakeside Theatre at the University of Nottingham a unique production of Dickens' A Christmas Carol by writer Toby Hulse will make your inner Christmas tree shine and your heart glow with the true magic of Christmas! And it's all done by just three actors and a lot of very magical effects on a truly wonderful set with original music composed by Julian Butler.

Two brothers and a sister, James, Andrew and Vicky played to perfection and with great energy by Matthew Bloxham, Alec Fellows- Bennett and Josephine Rattigan, arrive one snowy evening at their Aunt's house. She has kindly lent her beautiful house to them for the Christmas period. (The set design of the home by Helen Fownes Davies is stupendous and I for one wanted to move in immediately.)

Andrew is the grumpy one with no sense of fun and on arrival the other two try to get him to cheer up but he is determined to be a misery at Christmas. Then a fuse blows and all the lights go out and the fun begins. What to do? Tell ghost stories by candlelight? Maybe act out the most popular Christmas story ever - A Christmas Carol? But there are only three of them and Andrew doesn't want to join in. Bah humbug!

Marvel as one actor plays all eight of the Cratchitt family all at once. Grab your seat tight and feel your heart soar as the whole cast fly around the world with the Ghost of Christmas Present. Tremble with fear at the spectacle of Jacob Marley warning Scrooge of his impending doom and laugh your Christmas socks off at the inventive interpretations of the cast as they present Fezziwig in a way you will never have seen on any stage in the world! And there's more, lots and lots more!

This show, directed by Martin Berry is terrific infectious fun, properly magical and really brings home the true spirit of Christmas and is perfect festive family entertainment. So don't be a misery book your seats now and bring a huge smile to your heart.

Suitable for children over 4 years old.

Box Office. 0115 8467777

Runs until 29th December.

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