Thursday, 22 May 2014

Nottingham Playhouse Youth theatre hit the trenches for neat14,

I popped into a rehearsal of a revised adaptation by Robin Kingsland of Erich Maria Remarque's classic war story All Quiet On The Western Front tonight. The rehearsal was directed by Allie Spencer and the cast were a very mature natured youth group (Nottingham Playhouse Youth Theatre). I was most impressed at the standard of acting and of commitment to the piece. The play has been especially commissioned for neat14 and shows the horror and kinship as the young Germans fight for their survival.

All Quiet On The Western Front will be part of the neat14 festival and of course one of many plays being performed in Nottingham and countrywide that concern themselves with The Great War Centenary. Detail of the show and booking facilities can be found HERE.

Rehearsal images of two harrowing bombardment scenes featuring the cast and the young actor playing the hero Paul Baumer. The story follows their lives, their dreams, their victories and their tragedies as they fight on the German front line.

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