Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sweeney Todd a gritty and terrifying production at Twickenham Theatre

Director Derek Anderson says “Our raw production of Sweeney Todd 
will see Sondheim’s gory masterpiece stripped back to a cast of nine and skeletal band. By staging the show in the intimate confines of the new Twickenham Theatre and by exploring Sondheim’s device of the Greek chorus; we can give the audience a up-close and very powerful performance”

SWEENEY TODD is the blood-curdling musical

thriller about a man driven to madness by injustice.

Laced with Stephen Sondheim’s characteristically

brilliant wit and dark humour, the razor sharp tale of

vengeance and true love features some of the finest

music ever written for the theatre.

This memorable and horrifyingly dark musical comedy

depicts the barber Benjamin Barker who,

after years of false imprisonment, reinvents himself

as Sweeney Todd and begins a savage quest to

avenge the wrongs done to him and his family.

Aided by pie shop owner Mrs. Lovett, he sets out to

bring justice not only to the judge who destroyed

his life, but to all the people of London.

This spine chilling new production, with an ensemble

cast, turns Sondheim’s Victorian masterpiece into a

claustrophobic-ally close experience that will thrill

and terrify.

Booking: http://www.twickenhamtheatre.com/

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