Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Review: Jesús Fernández (Cádiz) at Lakeside Nottingham. Flamenco

Inspired by his home city of Cádiz - a place of over three thousand years of history - flamenco star Jesús Fernández whips up a dance storm of mesmerising complexity at Lakeside Theatre on the Nottingham University campus. In four distinct dance sequences he takes us on a nostalgic and personal view of his home town through the styles of flamenco particular to the region around Cádiz.

Fernández is a hypnotic performer with a mix of the intensity of duende burning in his soul and he shows us his attractive and cheeky masculine persona through his passionate dance. At times as his spins on the spot perspiration spins out from his soaked neck and face. There is much of drama in his dance and indeed he employs various props to aid in his interpretations like in the video clip above. The sold out show at Lakeside demonstrates the following he enjoys and the capacity audience are appreciative with applause and our admiration is palpable in its silent attention. The opportunity to witness the show is given through Flamenco Edition'15 under the artistic direction of Ana Garcia.

Choreographer and dancer Jesús Fernández is joined on stage tonight by vocally astounding Francisco Trinidad performing the vocals or Cante. At times he makes it feels like we are actually in Cádiz such is the vocal attention to detail and control of his powerful voice. Anabel Moreno accompanies the dance well with her defined art of Palmas or rhythmic percussive clapping. Israel Mera adds to the dance tempo on percussion sometimes creating a mood resonant of the sea with delicate brushing of his hands against a wooden block.

Jesús  Núñez conjures up all that is best in the Spanish guitar playing with his solo instrumentals and in his accompaniment.

Through the varied lighting effects achieved (often isolated circles or rectangular blocks of light) by lighting designer Susana Romero we can imagine the old town and narrow streets of Cádiz in this flamenco show of the same name. Even the creative use of a large fishing net at the rear of the stage reminds us of Cádiz as a very old fishing port.

Jesús  Fernández's Cádiz is an exemplary dance based show and the Lakeside Arts audience are privileged to witness this young dancer at the height of his art of flamenco. Viva Cádiz!

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