Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Visitors from Karlsruhe.

I am really looking forward to seeing our visitors from Nottingham's twin city of Karlsruhe next week and seeing their performances live at the Lace Market Theatre. They are performing two plays in German, Die Hochmütigen (the high and mighty) and Black Comedy.  The box office number is 0115 9507201
or visit the website and book online. All tickets are free but they are going fast.

Latest update 25.03.10.

Wednesday evening is almost sold out. Still some tickets left for Monday 7.30pm and Tuesday for both performances of High and Mighty. Availability for Thursday 2.30pm and 7.30pm for Peter Schaffer's Black Comedy.

scene from High and Mighty

scene from Black Comedy.

scene from High and Mighty

scene from Black Comedy.


French Fancy said...

Is there going to be simultaneous translation? I suppose there would have to be really. I couldn't sit through a play in a language I didn't understand. My French is quite good but I'd still not risk going to theatre - maybe in about five years time.


Phil said...

I believe that the Die Kauze theatre are having sim translation yes.

Thorsten said...

We (Die Käuze) are having sim translation... could get a funny thing, so we never have seen the translation ;)
Hope that our ticket get sold, too (looking a little jealous on the Jakobus play)

Seeya on Sunday

Phil said...

Hi Thorsten! Great to see your comment. Bis Sontag!