Monday, 5 April 2010

March 2010 theatre exchange

Sometimes a week can go by far too quickly when you are having fun and I can certainly say that last week was fun. As previously mentioned I was involved in a cultural exchange that happens every two years between the Lace Market theatre and the Die Käuze theatre and the Jakobus theatre. Our theatre is based in Nottingham (UK) and the other two in the twin city of Karlsruhe in Germany.

scene from Die Hochmütigen

The Die Käuze theatre group performed a play called The Distainful (Die Hochmütigen), a stylised comedy with sur titles in English and the other group played Peter Shaffer's Black Comedy (Komödie im Dunkeln). Both pieces were in German and we were all delighted to get very good audiences for the shows. Each group performed their show three times with two evening performances and an afternoon performance and were well recieved. The Thursday afternoon show was graced by Mrs Jeannie Packer, Lady Mayoress of Nottingham.

We also arranged for Larissa Kaufmann and Manfred Paul to appear on BBC Radio Nottingham. I have to say, although I can speak some German I would have not be able to cope in an interview situation like this. Both of them sounded great and seemed to enjoy the experience despite being a bit nervous. Gill Scott from our theatre helped with some background details about our twinning arrangements and history.

Larissa, Manfred and Gill at BBC Radio Nottingham

The actors stayed in the homes of some of the theatre members here in Nottingham and all three groups spent a lot of time socialising and renewing old friendships from previous visits. I have written about the social side in my other blog

I took a lot of photographs during their stay and enjoyed documenting the experience as well as having a great time with lots of laughter and fun with our German friends. I also had an opportunity to speak some German and was suprised at how quickly my limited language skills came back. Being able to speak with native speakers also helped to improve my skills. Try saying 'Blaukraut bleibt Blaukraut und Brautkleid bleibt Brautkleid' sober never mind a bit tiddly.

Phil with the Jakobus group

I really enjoyed the whole week and it was great to see old friends like, Markus, Thorsten, Carsten, Larissa, Manfred and Christian and to meet some lovely new people such as Michael, Lena and Volker. I will miss you all and look forward to our  return visit in two years time. We all keep in touch via facebook and emails and I am even considering going over to Karlsruhe to perform a one man show in the meantime.


French Fancy said...

What a great report, Phil. I hope someone has translated it into German for your recent visitors. Which one were you in the photo?

Phil said...

Er the one in the hat. :0)