Tuesday, 4 March 2014

At the Lace Market Theatre in April - Boeing Boeing and Till Eulenspeigel

The Lace Market Theatre in Nottingham, as part of its theatre exchange with two German theatre companies from Karlsruhe are presenting the classic 1960s farce Boeing Boeing by the renowned Jakobus Theater and Till Eulenspiegel performed by the members of Die Käuze theatre company.

Check out the shows and performance times HERE. Each show only plays for three performances so don't miss out!

Each show is in German and Boeing Boeing will have an English introduction and Till Eulenspiegel will be played with simultaneous surtitle translations in English.  I have had the privilege of seeing the Boeing Boeing show in August last year at the company's own venue in central Karlsruhe and can tell you that the audience are in for a treat with some very comical performances, sexy ladies, very confused men and well known songs (in English) related to flying. This very popular show has been a sell out in Karlsruhe. Actually, we are in for a treat and a half! Three performances from Monday 14th April to Tuesday 15th April.

Boeing Boeing by Marc Camoletti
 What happens if an ambitious architect is engaged to three flight attendants? What happens if one of the girls that was supposed to take off doesn’t do so, another one lands who wasn’t supposed to, and the third is happily enjoying a hot bath? What happens if a housekeeper, who is perpetually nagging, can’t cope with the situation and an old school buddy from southern France suddenly shows up? Farce at its best!


Till Eulenspeigel Reloaded is written and directed by Pascal Paul-Harang

Pascal Paul-Harang is a professional director and has had many theatrical successes, most recently with the Die Käuze production of Black Forest Girl - a German romantic classic musical.

                                                         Image for Till Eulenspiegel poster

Die Käuze describe the story of Till Eulenspiegel thus: We all like to believe that the great heroes and heroines of literature truly existed. Over hundreds of years, the story of one great hero has been put into countless words, music and pictures, keeping the medieval trickster alive in hearts and minds. Now the mad, breath-taking and ultimately tragic life of the ultimate prankster is being brought to life on stage in a most epic style - from his birth to his resurrection. It is to be performed in modern dress and looks great fun. Just don't look in his mirror!!!

This production with our German partners, Theater Die Käuze, will be in German with English surtitles. Performances are Wednesday 16th April and Thursday 17th April.


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