Monday, 17 March 2014

News of See How They Run by the Reduced Height Company

Today I had the great pleasure of interviewing the charming and erudite Warwick Davis the founder and current producer of the newly formed Reduced Height Theatre Company. His company are currently touring a unique production of Philip King's classic farce - See How They Run. It is becoming a much talked about theatrical classic and selling out in many of its twelve venues as they tour until early May 2014. All of the reviews have been very positive. The audiences are loving it and recommending to family and friends alike. The tour dates can be found through this link. Don't leave it too late to book!

I am personally in great anticipation for the week of 7th April to 12th April when the show comes to Derby Theatre. The interview was arranged through this, my fave theatre in the East Midlands, and it will appear in May in Sardines Magazine along with Warwick on the front cover.

In brief Warwick was very keen to express that the show is definitely not about laughing at short people but within seconds the audience will be appreciating the often under used fabulous talents of trained actors and actresses that happen to be about four feet tall. He also discussed with me the practicalities of the wonderful set designed by designer Barney George (who also designed the recent Odyssey set for Derby Theatre) and how it has been adjusted to be realistic in scale to present the Reduced Height Theatre Company's production. We also spoke about his pre-fame experiences at school and at the Laine Theatre Arts School in Epsom. Warwick is one of the most positive people I have had the pleasure of interviewing for this blog and other media. He is an inspiration!

The talented cast of The Reduced Height Theatre Company.

For a recent update on Warwick please check out my other blogpost HERE.

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